The Face Yoga Method

The Face Yoga Method & Intermittent Fasting. A Winning Team.

Face Yoga is extremely important to do, besides your body exercises. The earlier you start, the better your face will look, especially as you get older. In this article, I like to show you what The Face Yoga Method is, and what Face Yoga can do for you.

When we start with Intermittent fasting, we lose weight quickly, not just from the belly, hips, or legs. The face also loses fat, which is why even younger people can have trouble with sagging facial skin. With the Face Yoga method you can prevent this, simply exercise your facial muscles and your face will become tightened again.

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What is The Face Yoga Method?

The Face Yoga method is one of the best pro-aging methods in the world. It is a 100% natural alternative to cosmetic procedures. You can exercise with more than 80 poses for each area of your face or neck, additionally, the Face Yoga method also improves the effectiveness of any skincare product and improves your overall skincare routine!

The Face Yoga method has build up a real Face Yogi community and is proof of the incredible results that this method can bring you.

How does Face Yoga work?

With the Face Yoga Method, you learn to activate and to train the muscles of the face.

There are about 50 muscles in every face, so, if you can tone the body through exercise, the facial muscles can be toned too. The best part is that the muscles are much smaller than the muscles of the body, which allows you to see the results in days.

The Face Yoga method works for everyone. With these exercises, you can look 10 or even 15 years younger, without expensive and painful surgery, all you have to do is Face Yoga.

You can smooth, and shape your facial muscles for a bright, healthy, and youthful look. This method shows beauty from within and uses a unique holistic body-mind-face approach that goes beyond cosmetic benefits.

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What is The Face Yoga Method?

Benefits of Face Yoga,

The improvements through the Face Yoga Method are,Alt= Face Yoga-

  • Tightened Skin – Reduced Bags and Puffiness
  • Reduced or Eliminated Wrinkles
  • Facial Symmetry
  • Better blood circulation in the face
  • Symmetrical Smile and Natural Smile
  • A younger-looking face and skin
  • Happier Appearance
  • Elevated mood
  • Confidence and relaxation
  • Brighter and more even Complexion
  • Recovery from paralysis (results vary)
  • Tighter neck and jaw
  • Improved, relaxation of the jaw, posture, and flexibility

After how long will I see results?

Results from The Face Yoga Method depend from person to person and one’s commitment to daily practice. While most practitioners,(Face Yogis) feel results right away, visible results are typically seen within a few days to a few weeks, depending on age and skin condition.

I do this for 2 years myself and I saw a change within 28 days, my skin was shining and glowing, it looks more youthful and my especially neckline, the so-called turkey neck was tightened. ( look at the Pictures!)

After how long will I see max results?

Results can vary from person to person based on age, lifestyle, and skin condition. If you do the intermittent fasting and the facial yoga method together, you will see maximum results very quickly.

When you practice the 16/8 Intermittent Fasting, autophagy starts after about 14 hours. Autophagy is the body’s own garbage disposal, it disposes old or diseased cells of the body and replaces them with healthy, new cells.

Autophagy is not only healthy it also rejuvenates what you can clearly see on the skin.

The changes caused by Face Yoga can best be compared with photos with a before and after picture, take a photo on the first day take one every week after only 3 weeks you will clearly see the rejuvenation and the change in your being there and remember. Don’t be surprised if people react differently to you. When you brighten your face you will also brighten your mood and confidence and people will notice and want to be around you more!

How long should I practice per day?

You should try to do this for a minimum of 21 Days, of at least five minutes a day, for the most effective results.
Better is, add Face Yoga to your regular daily routine, as with anything, consistency is key! get up 10 minutes earlier, so you have the time and the ease to practice, you will see how full of energy you have after the exercises, you will be in a good mood because you did something just for yourself, your family gonna love your spirit.

An average of 12 15 minutes a day is a good amount of time for a full-face routine. Of course, you can always more, do face yoga while visiting the bathroom, in the elevator, when you are alone, in the car, over time you will find more and more opportunities to do your favorite exercises.

Which bad habits should I avoid?

Alt= Face Yoga-Alt= Face Yoga-Alt= Face Yoga-

We have many unconscious habits that can contribute to aging faster. With face yoga, you will become aware of these habits and you will learn to avoid them. Some examples are unconscious frowning, this can affect the appearance of both the forehead area and the area around the mouth. Looking down on the phone or laptop with your chin pinched can result in a double chin. Do you always lean your head to one side when you are on the phone? How often do you text message, how do you sleep, on your back, lying on your side, or even on your stomach? When the sun is shining, always wear sunglasses and a hat to protect your face.

If I have a specific concern, which exercises should I follow?

Full face Yoga training gives the best results over a long period. Make it a cherished daily routine and it will make you feel more confident day by day. Not being afraid of your own reflection in the mirror as you get older is a real luxury that every woman should afford. Think of this as a holistic and wholesome approach to your face.

For all your specific needs!
The 4 well-structured Jumpstarts are a 28-day program created to improve one area of the face: Forehead, Eyes, Mouth, or Neck.
If you want to target more than just one area of your face, the Bootcamp is a great option. If however, you are only interested in getting rid of a double chin, for example, and nothing more, then a Jumpstart could be what you are looking for.
Our Jumpstarts contain:
-28 days of exercises where you will be shown exactly what to do each day
-Access to the FYM site to watch videos, read descriptions, and check off completed days
-A downloadable cheat sheet to track your progress and daily exercises
-A DIY skincare routine with the ingredients you already have in your house
-A guided meditation
-And of course, a complete guide to the area of the face you prefer to work on!
Sound like something you’ve been looking for all along?

If you do have a concern with just a specific area of the face, the Face Yoga Method has a 28-day targeted Jumpstart for each area of the face.


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  2. Forehead Area Jumpstart
  3. Neck & Jawline Jumpstart
  4. Mouth and Cheeks Jumpstart

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If you’re looking for the fastest way to tone your entire face and neck, The 6 Week Boot-Camp is the right program for you.
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Should I do anything in addition to Face Yoga?

Of course, you will see the best results when you combine a healthy lifestyle with positive habits and regular exercise, Body, Mind, Spirit & Face

Eat healthily, drink enough water and herbal thees, get enough sleep and apply face masks to your face, the results will be astonishing.

Intermittent Fasting and the Face Yoga Method is the winning combination where you stay beautiful, slender fit, and healthy for a lifetime.


I think every woman has to do Face Yoga, it is like brushing your teeth, you do it for the long run, nobody likes to live without with bad teeth, or even without teeth. Face Yoga is the same, if you could choose between a healthy shining, youthful face, vs. a wrinkled matt, Bags, and Puffiness, what will you choose. I do the first one, I love to live in a healthy, slender Youthfull body, with a face I know my whole life. I like to recognize myself when looking in the mirror in the morning. We are getting older, nowadays we can live for 85 years, and more, how you like to live this life?

For me, I’ll go only for the best, being healthy, youthful, flexible, and fit, with Intermittent Fasting and the Face Yoga Method I have the perfect tools to do this

join the 6 weeks Bootcamp with people who care, who like to do something for their face, their health, who like to age in beauty & freedom, not concerning about wrinkles and loose skin. This is for all ages, young or old, it improves your face massive. Older ages can reduce wrinkles and sagging skin, younger ones even prevent all of this. wrinkles are not a sign of wisdom, wrinkle is a sign of getting old. 

Love the Life you Live.

Alt= Face Yoga- Monique

Monique Richie. 

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  1. Hi Monique,
    This sounds so great! I myself do some facial Yoga, especially for my eyes, but also my mouth. It is not easy to keep doing it daily, because sometimes I am too tired from work. But it is really great! The muscles are changing so quickly, they get toned, and you can see how the face is getting tight. All the sagging disappears. My opinion is that every woman should better do facial yoga. They will feel more confident and younger. I love your picture of before and after. You look young and beautiful!

    • Thank you so much for your feedback, Sylvia, it takes a minimum of 3 weeks to get uses to a routine, so don’t give up. it really changes your life. If you can get up only 10 minutes earlier you can do Face Yoga in the morning, this will give you a great and happy start to your day. It elevates your mood and you look beautiful because you took some time for yourself.


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