Intermittent Fasting 101 your ultimate beginner guide.

Intermittent-Fasting is one of the world’s most popular health trends.
Millions of people have started with Intermittent Fasting for weight loss. After a short period, they recognize the massive positive Health effects (1) and have integrated this into their lives.

 Intermittent- Fasting is a life changer, which can have a massive impact on your overall being. You’ll get slender, fit, and healthy in just a few weeks. Many studies have shown that it can cure most of the civilization illnesses of this time.
Here is your ultimate beginner guide to intermittent fasting.


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What is Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent- Fasting extends the time between meals. The easiest option is to skip breakfast and take your first meal at lunch. The most popular method is the 16/8 method. You can eat within eight hours window and fast for sixteen hours. Maybe this seems to be a long time, when you recall, most of the fasting time takes place when you are asleep. What stays is only three hours after dinner and 3 hours after waking up. That is not so hard to do, Right?

Intermittent-Fasting is the most popular way to successfully lose weight and it is one of the most effective methods for lowering insulin and fat-loss. Due to the long fasting times between meals, the insulin level is constantly low for most of the day.

In contrast to other diets, the principal action of interval fasting is not based on the reduction of calories but aims to induce the body to adapt its metabolism through long meal breaks.


The theory behind Intermittent Fasting,

Intermittent- Fasting has its origins in science. Scientists found out that animals who ate two times a day in a short period were healthier than those who had continuous food available.

Scientists observed in the laboratory that Intermittent Fasting made those animals healthier. They weren’t always offering food, but they had to take a break between them (16/8 method). It was not only that those animals were healthier, but they also lived 20 to 30 % longer than the animals who ate the whole day.

Intermittent fasting is not only helping you with weight loss
, but it can also reduce insulin resistance, lowering the risk of cardiometabolic diseases, and help against obesity, high blood pressure, and inflammation.

When you fast for more than 14 -16 hours, the body switches from burning carbohydrates to burning fat and uses the fats stored in the body. Intermittent- Fasting is the most popular way to lose belly fat.

After 16 hours of Intermittent- Fasting, you activate autophagy and the human growth hormone.
Autophagy is the body’s own recycling system, old and sick cells, are recycled, and therefore the cells gain new energy!

The human growth hormone HGH.(1) (2)

The HGH stimulates the performance of our brain and strengthens the bones. It also has a life-extending and rejuvenating effect on our entire organism, which only works when the insulin level is low. In other words, when you faster daily.

 The benefits from Intermittent Fasting,

  • People who practice intermittent fasting are leaner, fitter, sleep better, and age more slowly (3)
  • Intermittent fasting boosts fat burning, especially the dangerous belly fat.
  • Insulin levels drop, and blood levels improve very quickly.
  • Intermittent-Fasting can prevent diseases such as diabetes II or Cardiovascular-diseases, and Alzheimer- disease.


The 16/8 Intermittent Fasting Method,

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Alt = Intermittent FastingThe most popular fasting hours.

• Fasting from Five p.m. to Nine a.m. the next morning. This is for all of you who love their breakfast. Breakfast takes place at nine a.m. you should not eat anything after Five p.m.

• Fasting from Seven p.m. to Eleven a.m. the next day. You take a late breakfast and early dinner.

• Fasting from Eight p.m. until noon the next day. No breakfast first meal is around noon. Now you have eight hours to eat until Eight p.m. Do not eat 16 hours between the last meal of the previous day and the first meal the next day.

For most people, the best way to do the 16/8 Intermittent Fasting is to skip breakfast. Start eating at lunchtime, which is between noon and One p.m. Don’t eat anything after dinner. No snacks, no sugar, no nothing!

  • Don’t Eat anything after Seven p.m. when you’ve started eating at noon.
  • Don’t eat after Eight p.m. when you had lunch at One p.m.

In this long fasting time, your body has plenty of time to digest and regenerate everything without unnecessarily being busy digesting the food all-day

Take-Two meals in those eight hours. Drinking lots of water, hot or cold, herbal tea without sugar is also great during the fasting hours. If you are not a breakfast fan, like me, and you didn’t mind an early dinner, 16:8 fasting will be easy for you to do.

Of course, 16:8 Intermittent Fasting can be difficult sometimes, at a party or on long summer nights. For those special days, you can shift your fasting hour to a later hour. Do you know what I like the most after those weekends or after Christmas? I take a whole day to fast. On those days, I drink only water or herbal tea without sugar. After the Fasting day, you are clean again, with no weight or digesting problems. You can start the next day with energy and fun.


Saturday your first fasting day!

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What is the best way to start with fasting?

The best day to start fasting is at the weekend.

On Saturday you can sleep a little longer until 9 or 10 and do everything a little more relaxed, showering, reading, or watching a movie until around Eleven a.m. and then having brunch. Breakfast and lunch together, very chic and modern!

At around 3 or 4 o’clock you can have a snack, and at half-past six you have your dinner. You don’t eat anything until Sunday at 11 am. So take it easy, don’t stress, take a long shower, go to church or do something relaxed. You have already done your first fasting day! That’s what’s all about, 16 hours you didn’t eat anything, wasn’t that easy?

The next day, Sunday, you start to eat at 11 am had some fruits or a bowl of Greek yogurt with Berries. It tasted good and is a light start to the day.

At Two o’Clock, you can eat a Nice Sunday lunch. At half-past Six you can have your last meal. You have already the second day. You’ve made it!

On Monday morning, you are already used to this ritual. The best way to start your Monday, don’t sit down at breakfast as usual but do something else, prepare yourself to take away a smoothie or lunchbox, or do a little sport, or meditation.

If you have children, you can have a coffee or tea for breakfast but don’t sit down for half an hour! Do something different, prepare healthy lunch boxes for you and your kids, or cleaning up the kitchen.


My fasting period

My fasting time is between 16 and 18 hours.

18/6 Intermittent Fasting is noting for beginners and not for everybody!

I started with 16/8 myself, and after a while, I did not have to eat much, and so often.

Mornings I drink only my coffee and tea. I am a coffee lover, and I love my Bulletproof coffee after waking up. Then I start with my morning sports routine around seven a.m. After my exercises, I drink my Mate tea. It gives me an extra healthy energy boost and prevents graving.

I usually start eating at Eleven a.m. I love my fruits in the morning, it is light, and it gives extra energy.

I take my lunch between noon and One p.m.

In the wintertime. I love to have soups or my baked Veggie plate with some Greek yogurt underneath.

Baked zucchini, aubergine, peppers, and tomatoes with mozzarella gratin, I love it.

At dinner, not later than Six p.m. I only need some salad or Greek yogurt with berries.

During this long fasting time, my body has plenty of time to digest and regenerate everything without unnecessarily being busy to digest the food all day.

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As you see, I have a passion for Intermittent Fasting. I love the life I live, good health and blood results, and without having weight problems. I have lots of energy the whole day, and my body tells me I am on a healthy path, and this is a luxury not many people can say in my age!

The good thing with Intermittent Fasting is, you become more conscious about what you eat. When you have only two meals a day, you probably do not like to spoil this with fast food or sugar fatty food. Your body longs for the healthy stuff. You will go for the Fresh- vegetables, Lean Meat, Fatty Fish, and nuts for a snack. It makes you full and gives you all the vitamins, fibers, and minerals that your body needs!

Love the life you live in.

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  1. Hi Monique,
    Thank you for sharing your Intermittent Fasting experience wit us. It sounds great and probably not that difficult like other diets. I may try it as really need to get in shape before summer starts.
    Just one question about the fasting: What drinks are allowed in the fasting period?
    Many Thanks

    • Hello Violeta, Great to see you here. Intermittent Fasting is really a great decision. You gonna feel so good after just a few days. You cannot do something better and healthier for your body as to start with this new lifestyle. During the Fasting time. Mostly in the evening. night and mornings, you can drink water, warm or cold. Tea and Coffee without sugar and milk of course.
      In the morning I recommend Mate tea and Bulletproof coffee excellent for the morning hours. They are really energy boosters. Mate tea is also extremely healthy. It is rich in Antioxidants and Nutrients, Improve Mental Focus, may help prevent infections from bacteria, parasites, and fungi. Helps you to Lose Weight and Belly Fat, Lowers Blood Sugar Levels. In the Evening you can drink some Herb tea. which makes you to relax, you can find excellent organic herbal teas in all organic shops. Wish you great success with your new lifestyle Violeta.


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