How to boost metabolism for women over 40

Most women over 40 gain around 5 pounds during and after menopause. I like to show you some easy ways to boost your metabolism, which makes you slender Fit, and Healthy again.

As we age our metabolism slows down and we started to gain weight more quickly. The kids grew up and we slow down. During this “busy being busy” time we sometimes forgot to take care of ourselves. Were not eaten as healthy and were not as active anymore. So how can you increase metabolism after 40?

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Why is the metabolism slowing down?

When we reach an age over 40, our body begins to change. Between 40 and 55 we slowly come into our Menopause years. Our estrogen level slows down, our insulin hormone rises and the thyroid levels drop. The combination of the two first ones can cause graving.

You start to eat more, and because of the slow thyroid, you burn fewer calories and gain weight more quickly.

Most of the weight gain goes into belly fat.

Belly fat can cause diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, strokes, dementia, and certain cancers.

This scares a lot of women, they are feeling young and full of energy and don’t want to struggle with weight gain or health problems. Here comes the Good News. You don’t have to take this for granted, there are simple ways to avoid all of this.

1. Get rid of the extra weight!

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More than 2 in 3 women in the United States have overweight or obese!

Can you imagine, 2 in 3 women are at risk to get severe illnesses like Heart disease, diabetes, breathing problems (sleep apnea), High Cholesterol, High blood pressure, and many types of cancer. When you consider that a human body can last around 120 years, we’ll know that is extreme, so let’s say around 80 and 90 years. And we spoil this because we don’t eat healthily and too much of the fatty and sugary stuff.

By the age of 40 at the latest, we have to change our bad eating habits towards healthy eating. We have to wake up and look at ourselves on a neutral status.

Take a look at yourself in the mirror and see how you look like, feel where it hurts. The body is extremely intelligent. Before you’re getting illnesses, your body shows you exactly where it hurts.

Bad eating patterns cause overweight or obesity.

Every single pound of overweight your body has to carry more can lead to massive damages to your Joints and bones. For example, your knees are built to carry a maximum weight for women of about 177 lbs.

A Waist circumference over 40 inches is extremely dangerous. The best weight for a woman depending on how tall you are is between 110 and 170 lbs everything over this can cause severe problems.

Overweight causes,

Back-problems, knee-problems, shoulder-problems, hip-problems, headaches, stomach-problems, skin-problems, breathing-problems.

Is this craving eating really worth all the pain, diseases, and maybe a premature death?

Time to change.

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Isn’t it time to change and run in another direction, make an u-turn and go the healthy way! Life is a gift, it is unique, don’t spoil it with obesity and illnesses.

You can eat so much delicious food and get slender, fit, and healthy at the same time. Can you imagine eating anything you like and not gaining weight anymore? To get healthy again and not worrying about health issues anymore. To be vital and fit all your life? Make a decision now and start living a great life, you deserve it to be healthy, looking gorgeous, and full of life. You are not old at 40, at 50, at 60, at 70, and even at 80 you can still work out and being healthy, there is no time limit! so please change your lifestyle, if you are obese, or overweight. I have Womans Health checklist for you that you can print out for yourselves.

See your body as a piece of Klee, you can design it in whatever you want, fat, skinny, healthy unhealthy, it is all up to you, but I recommend you choose the slender Fit and Healthy variation, for a lifetime

If you are still not convinced and need some more motivation, then take a look at these amazing video!

Excercise & Nutrition saved my life. From Joan MacDonald

2. Intermittent Fasting

The best way to get rid of the extra weight, getting healthy and fit again is Intermittent Fasting.
I know for some of you this is shocking news because you never thought this could be something for you. Right?

Let me tell you, YOU CAN!

Intermittent Fasting isn’t that difficult when you start it easy. I will show you later some tips and tricks on how you also can change your lifestyle into the Intermittent Fasting Lifestyle.

But before I like to tell you what exactly is so good about Intermittent Fasting and why it boosts your metabolism.


Intermittent Fasting extends the time between meals, typically the hours between dinner and the next day’s meal. The most popular and doable option is to skip breakfast and take your first meal at lunch. But hold on, don’t panic, we do a lighter version in the beginning.

When we’re fasting for long periods of time, I recommend the 16/8 method, which almost anyone who is healthy can use, without having hunger or loss of performance.

When we do 16 hours of fasting, mostly while sleeping, we can keep our insulin levels low. The body does not eat for 16 hours, it activates (autophagy) its own cell cleansing system and the growth hormone HGH.(1) (2)

By Autophagy the waste in the cells is metabolized and therefore the cells gain new energy.

Autophagy started to work by women between 12 and 14 hours of fasting, the glucose is already used and the body switches into fat burning. In other words, you get healthy, because of the cell cleaning effect from Autophagy, and you have a weight loss effect because of the fat burning.

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And that is not all if you do Intermittent Fasting for about 3 months, your body gets used to your new lifestyle. You will see positive changes.

  • Your losing Weight.
  • Your overall health is better.
  • You get lower blood pressure.
  • Your Insulin level drops.
  • Your cravings attacks are gone,
  • you don’t have to eat so much anymore, and the most positive effect is,
  • you will change your diet completely.
  • You don’t need the unhealthy and sugary stuff so much anymore,
  • your body has all the energy, vitamins, proteins, and fibers that it needs,
  • You stay fit and full the whole day.

Wow, that even impressed me, what about you?

Because of the long fasting hours, and the not constantly eating and digesting 24/7, your metabolism starts to work faster. Your body has not so much waste to clean up anymore, you’re digesting system has to work as half so much, to digest the whole food you eat. Your body begins to change, it relaxes and has time to heal all the little problems you have in those 16 fasting hours. Isn’t that a giant leap for women!

The HGH stimulates the performance of our brain and strengthens the bones. It also has a life-extending and rejuvenating effect on our entire organism, which only works when the insulin level is low. Exercise actually intensifies it, so it is extremely important that we exercise regularly to support these processes. Intermittent Fasting is the most popular way to successfully burn fat.

  • People who practice intermittent fasting are leaner, fitter, sleep better, and age more slowly (3)
  • Intermittent fasting boosts fat burning, especially dangerous belly fat.
  • Insulin levels drop and blood levels improve very quickly. This can prevent diseases such as diabetes II or cardiovascular diseases and Alzheimer’s disease.

Look at the video from

Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Michalsen

Chief physician at the Department of Naturopathy, Immanuel Krankenhaus Berlin.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Michalsen is a Professor of the Clinical Complementary Medicine at the Charité University Medical Center, Berlin. Head of the Department of Internal and Complementary Medicine at Immanuel Hospital Berlin.
Prof Dr. Michalsen focuses on holistic medicine, body, mind, and spirit through meditation, yoga, and stress reduction. His clinic is known for its therapeutic fasting cures, its nutritional medicine, and therapeutic fasting. In collaboration with his team, he researches the effectiveness of Ayurveda.

Now here is your easy Intermittent Fasting Plan.

3 Week Intermittent Fasting Plan.

The best day to start is on Monday.

  • WEEK 1

12 hours of eating, 12 hours of fasting.

When you start your breakfast at 8 AM you can eat until 8 PM. You have three meals, try to choose healthy nutrition, drink tea like Matcha, or coffee without sugar, water, warm or cold. After 5 days on Saturday, you change your breakfast time, now you start 2 hours later, the best way, plan a cozy weekend, sleep a bit longer, and do something you like, read a book, take a warm bath, do something good for yourself, at 10 AM you start with breakfast, and you can eat your 3 meals until 8 PM.

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  • WEEK 2


14 hours of fasting, 10 hours of eating,

Start with your breakfast at 10 AM now you can eat until 8 PM, you do this until the next Saturday, then you change your breakfast time again. You are already used to start eating a bit later, 2 hours more is not a big deal for you anymore, Do something you like this morning, take a walk, do some light sport, or just relax. start eating at noon, you can eat your three meals until 8 PM.

  • WEEK 3


16 hours of fasting, and 8 hours of eating.

You start eating at noon, you can eat until 8 PM. Try to eat normally, and healthy, you have plenty of time for your 3 meals, so no need to fill up yourself.

This 16/8 Intermittent Fasting you can do all your life. You can change the time of course, if you like to breakfast at 10 AM, fine, but then you have to stop eating at 6. Look what fits you the most.

Don’t Schnack during your fasting time!

See it as your new lifestyle, not as a diet!

3. Drink enough!

It is like a mantra, I know, but I have to tell you this because it is really important for boosting your metabolism. When you have hydrated your body everything works better.

  • Your blood flow is better,
  • You digest better,
  • You have more energy.
  • You detox better.

It is like cleaning your house, without water it’s not getting clean right?

Sometimes it is difficult to know if you are thirsty or if you are hungry, so every time you are hungry, drink a glass of water first. Especially in the summer, Drink, drink, drink! Water, Green tea, Mate tea, bulletproof coffee. During the fasting time, and when you like to lose weight, all without sugar or milk of course.


4. Exercise.

Get on moving! Do something you like, your body is made for moving, not for laying on the couch the whole day. Go in the fresh air and enjoin to be alive. You don’t have to spend any money to get fit, go for a walk, do Nordic walking, go for a swim, or do some squats every day. Look at the videos I posted, you are never too old for being fit. You never too old to start with exercise. You will see, if you start moving, new people come into your life, probably people who are like you, people who like to be healthy, and you start to shine, your whole life will change for the good. Because you start to live the life you always wanted to have but never dared to dream.

5. Get your sleep.

Especially at the beginning of your new Lifestyle, your body has to work hard to detox, to clean up your body.

We ensure you’ll get adequate sleep. Take a nice shower or bath and go to bed a little earlier, read a book, listen to relaxing music or meditation, with a cup of hot, soothing tea.

Scientists found out, People who are on a diet will lose the same amount of weight whether they sleep an average of 8.5 hours or 5.5 hours each night. However, those who sleep 8.5 hours will lose much more fat, while those on 5.5 hours lose mainly muscle. Lack of sleep

Never eat anything during your fasting times. This is very important because in the evening, about 3 hours before sleep, your body produces the sleeping hormone, Melatonin.

This Melatonin hormone interferes with our metabolism.

If we eat a late dinner or snack, the metabolized has switched already over into the sleeping mode. We digest the food more slowly. This we have to avoid. Eating in the evening is not healthy for all of us, and it is very bad for a good night’s sleep.

The best way to lose weight, if you are overweight or obese, is to eat less.

Intermittent Fasting can help you to lose weight quickly on a healthy basis in a short time. When you start exercises or physical activity like walking 15 or 30 minutes per day, you will boost the weight gain and you do something great for your overall health.


As you’ll see, there is hope for you, you can change your life, you can get Slender Fit and Healthy again. As long as you live, you can change your lifestyle completely, I have shown you some amazing women who did this. They choose from being granny to being an amazing granny. You have so much time, life is a gift, give yourself the biggest gift you ever can give yourself. A Slender Fit and Healthy life

Love the life your live in

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Monique Richie.

22 thoughts on “How to boost metabolism for women over 40”

  1. Hey, thanks for the great article! As I was reading, I was happy to see you bringing attention to principles that have then vastly overlooked. Even now, with everybody running around right now worrying about Covid, people are missing that they really should be worrying about their general health first. Many of the doctors I follow and most of the research that I have done myself supports the premise that a healthy person is at very little risk from Covid or any other virus for that matter! And our overall health is more closely tied to our weight than any other factor!! Keep doing what you’re doing, we need more people educating themselves and each other!

    • Hello, Yeshua. Thank you so much for your great feedback. You made my day sometimes it is hard to go on, can you imagine, you found a way to get slender, fit & healthy and hartly anybody wants to listen.they look at you if you came from the other planet.  This way of Intermittent fasting is so simple. Never gain weight anymore, getting healthier day by day. It is as if people are in a coma.
      A coma of Convenience. I have a gift, and I won’t let down. Health and happiness are not to buy on this earth. With the right attitude, willpower, and the right mindset almost anybody can archieve this. I am here to show the easiest way to archive this.


  2. Thank you for this very interesting and informative post.

    I have been loosing a lot of weight recently by not eating after 7pm and not having breakfast before 9.30.  I hadn’t been doing this deliberately, but only now after having read your post, do I know the reason.  I am now down to normal weight so I will have to keep a check that I don’t overdo it and loose too much, as one is as bad as the other.

    Hopefully I will gain a lot more than just weight loss, but also all the things you have listed for better health.

    I need however to be careful about the amount I drink, as I know I do not drink nearly enough and my mouth is always very dry.

    • Hello Geoff, thank you for your feedback. You are a typical man. It is proven men tend to drink way too little water. With this trick, you can manage this. I know because my husband is the same. In the morning, drink a glass of warm water with some lemon. Set 2×1 liter water bottles or 4 x 1/2 liter bottles with water by your working place. When you have water near you will not forget to drink. Water is so crucial everything works better when you are well hydrated.

      So happy drinking.


  3. I strongly believe that intermittent fasting is one of the amazing ways to keep fit, though this may take a longer time to be accomplished. I’ve learned to delay breakfast till 12 noon and take dinner latest by 5:30 pm on an everyday basis. When I cannot take dinner at this time on any day, I’ll forget dinner for the day and take my breakfast earlier than usual the following day. Your tips will definitely help women stay in good health even after 40. Thanks.


    • Hello, Joyce, thank you for your feedback. Intermittent – fasting is the best to use when you see it as a lifestyle. It is not just a simple diet, what you do for a month, and turn back to your old habits. After the age of 40, you have to make a change. Your body is changing, and you have to be careful to take a healthy path. Obese and overweight are the biggest issues for getting diabetes 2, coronal heart diseases and not to speak about the hips and knees problems.

      Intermittent- Fasting has not fixed hours, that is the best part, I start at 11 with some fruits, healthy lunch at 2 pm, and when I feel I need something extra, I eat at 4 pm some yogurt and cereals. But this is very individual see what works for you best. The main thing is fast for a minimum of 16 hours a day.

  4. Thanks for sharing an article full of interesting facts and lots of information.  I enjoyed reading your page.  I fully agree on Boosting your metabolism, it s necessary especially for those over 40. I myself eat one healthy meal a day and I cut sugar out of my life,  I got used to this way of living and my body does not need 3 meals a day.  Foods are not what they used to be 30 years ago, they are depleted from valuable nutrients, I use supplements to make sure I get enough vitamins and minerals.  

    • Hello, Carola, great to see you already do the O.M.A.D. I think this eating pattern will conquer the world. When you eat one meal a day, you can save so much time, energy, and money. Besides all the health and longevity effects. I do this for about 2 months myself and I feel great. I also take my supplements every day. Thank you for your feedback.


  5. Thank you very much for writing this article. It’s really helpful for my aunt who is in her mid 40’s right now. Since the pandemic period, I feel her lifestyle has deteriorating into unhealthy habits: eating a lot of snacks and doesn’t exercise at all. She aged a lot from the last time I see her 🙁 I’ll try to recommend her the intermittent fasting method. Can she stop doing it if she has reached a weight goal?

    • Hello,  I think it would be great if your aunt started intermittent fasting ASAP. As you can see, bad eating habits can quickly contribute to weight gain but also rapid aging. What you eat, can be seen in bad hair, pale skin, dark circles under the eyes. Especially over 40, you can see it very quickly. But that’s only on the outside. Inside it usually doesn’t look any better, and that’s more dangerous. At 50, there are the well-known diseases of diabetes 2, high blood pressure, hip and knee problems, to name a few. Your aunt might quit, but I think once she does Intermittent fasting for a few months, she won’t want to give up her new lifestyle. Intermittent fasting is so easy, why stop there?

      I wish you & your aunt all the best.


  6. I have been researching about what we can do and I have arrived to the conclusion that every small action counts. We should choose a wide variety of vegetables, including dark green, red and orange vegetables. We should also eat a variety of fruits. And most importantly, include grains in our daily diet. Half of the grains should be whole grains.

    • Hello, Ann, thank you so much for your feedback. Healthy food is a muss. But it is not only what you eat, but also when you eat.

      This is most important for women over 40. Their metabolism slows down because of menopause, so it is crucial to stop eating after 7 pm and start eating at 11 am or better at noon.

  7. what an interesting topic! I loved the information for face yoga. I even tried a few of the exercises for myself and felt a difference. I have never been a big fan of fasting, but your site does present a good case for giving this lifestyle a try. I wish you the best of luck with the site!

    very interesting topic!

    • Hello Cherrie, tank you so much for your support. Intermittent-Fasting isn’t hard to do. Give it a try, and you will see how easily you can integrate this into your lifestyle. Great that you tried some of the Face Yoga exercises. Face Yoga is great for every woman who is fascinating in their being.

      Wish you a great day.


  8. Good day, I’m pleased to meet you. This information is so important and educative. I had never known that metabolism slows down in women over 40, hence why they gain some weight when reaching menopause. It’s important also that they should get rid of extra weight as you outlined. I’m going to share this important information with my mother.

    • Hello, thank you so much, and I am pleased to meet you too. I hope your mom will look at this article, maybe she can change her lifestyle and stay healthy for decades.

      Wish you success, Monique.

  9. My aunt was just complaining about this some weeks ago and how much gain she’s gained after hitting her mid 40s. Personally, I’m in my mid-twenties but I do think that every woman’s body is different; that’s what makes us unique. Weight shouldn’t defy our self-worth or how we view ourselves, but I also understand that it is a big role in our confidence boost. I’ll share this piece with my aunt to help her find some peace of mind. Thank you for the information provided here.

    • Thank you, Stephanie. I can imagine how your aunt is feeling. I know how powerless I was. Not to be able to do anything about weight gain. I always did a lot of sports, was on a permanent diet. When nothing helps can be frustrating at times. 

      I am so happy to find a way out of all of these. Intermittent fasting is possible for everyone. You have to limit your eating time. Eat healthily, two, three times a day, with plenty of water, and no more food after 7 p.m. The rest will come by itself. She can start with the Intermittent Fasting Keto to lose weight fast. I wish her a happy slender fit & healthy life.

      Have a great day.

  10. Your claims about Women’s metabolism over 40 are supported with scientific basis and I totally agree.

    Women are really anxious of how their body looks, they are dreaming of looking slender, being fit and healthy but may not be really that determined to be consistent with a healthy lifestyle even if they tried to start.

    I like the fresh start 21 of cleansing program. Having someone monitoring you as a partner in removing those extra fats would be a good start. Self-discipline can be develop, especially with someone patting your shoulder that you can do it.

    The intermittent fasting is also great. I am one of those who really struggle with fasting. I never really thought of this intermittent fasting but I think it is effective. Gradually letting your inner system to adjust until later it gets use to it. I can see no more struggles but a transformed lifestyle into a healthy and fit one. 

    I am sharing your article to my Moms group.

    • Hello, Rose. Thank you so much for this great feedback. You made my day. That is exactly what happens with women. Therefore I do this work. I love to see the change from women who are the first depressive because they cannot find a way out. Then change their lifestyle completely, and they start living again. They shine, look decades younger, and are slender fit & healthy. I love my job. Thank you for sharing my article. This means much to me.



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