Weight Loss Tips, Fast & Healthy

Change your lifestyle with Intermittent Fasting for Life.

Do you like to be slender, fit & healthy? Here you find weight loss Tips tips on how to lose weight Fast & Healthy.

First the good news, also you can lose weight fast! With Intermittent Fasting all you have to do is change your eating hours. It is easy to do, you can integrate it into any lifestyle, and you will feel slender, fit, and healthy for a lifetime. 

Problems losing weight?

One thing is for sure, with Intermittent Fasting, you will lose weight. You have already changed your diet, or maybe you are finally ready to get rid of your excess weight and need a quick start before switching to a healthy diet? You’re doing regular exercise because you want to lose a few pounds. And still, it just doesn’t work out? I know it’s frustrated, but not a drama. 

There are so many reasons why this could be, but let us leave the past behind, let’s look forward. The best thing is, you are so close to a life-changing event. 

Millions of people found intermittent fasting, and it changes their life. Be one of them!

Life isn’t for struggling with weight problems. Life is beautiful. I’ll show you Bulletproof Weight Loss Tips. For fast and easy weight loss results.

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Weight Loss Tip NR 1. The Intermittent Fasting Keto Diet

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Intermittent Fasting extends the time between meals, typically the hours between dinner and the next day. The most popular and doable option is to skip breakfast and take your first meal at lunch.

Intermittent Fasting is the most popular way to burn fat. Due to the long fasting times between meals and the two meal per day strategy, the insulin level is constantly low for most of the day.

Intermittent Fasting is one of the most effective methods for lowering insulin and decreasing body weight. In contrast to other diets, the principal action of interval fasting is not based on the reduction of calories but aims to induce the body to adapt its metabolism through long meal breaks.

  • Start at noon until 8 p.m. food and digestion.
  • 8 p.m. until 4 a.m. absorption and use.
  • 4 a.m. to 12 p.m. Elimination of waste and food.

Eating on times mentioned above gives your body time to digest the food completely without disruption.

Give your body a Fasting period of 16 hours. Your body will lose weight much faster and you will feel healthier and more relaxed in no time.

Combining the ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting will help you lose weight and body fat faster than the Ketogenic Diet alone. The good thing is, it is not very complicated to combine these two methods. Intermittent Fasting and Keto fit very well together, and the effect is enormous because you take advantage of both forms and lose weight even faster. Primarily you lose body fat.

Combine Keto-intermittent fasting can be one of the fastest methods for weight and body fat loss.

Alt= Weight LossAllowed Food.                                                                               

  • lean meat; steak, chicken, ham, turkey, ham, bacon.
  • Fish such as shellfish, trout, tuna, fatty fish like salmon and sardines
  • Eggs and Dairy products such as milk, yogurt, butter, cheese, cream.
  • Nuts and seeds.
  • Low carb vegetables such as; Spinach, salads, tomatoes, cucumber, broccoli, kohlrabi, Brussels, sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, and other fibrous vegetables, simply put vegetables that grow above the ground.
  • Healthy oils like native olive oil for salads. Coconut oil is great for cooking.

Not allowed Food:

  • Potatoes, pasta, rice Legumes, Bulbous, and root vegetables.
  • Fruits, except small amounts of berries.
  • Bread, Cereals, muesli.
  • Sugar, sweets, and cakes.
  • Beer, Juice, Soda.

Weight Loss Tip NR 2. Water

Alt=Weight LossDrink enough water.                                                     

Water is the elixir of life. Without water, there is no life. Our planet earth is maybe one of the very few planets in this universe that has this luxury.
The human body consists mostly of water. While a newborn child still has a full 70-80 percent water content, a person of 85 only has around 60 percent. Most of this water is not in the blood but found in the body cells.
During the day, the body consumes water through bodily functions such as exhaling or sweating. An average person loses around eight-ounce of water, which equals about 2 liters of fluid. Especially when we are on a diet, we need to make sure we are drinking enough water beforehand.


 6 positive effects of water

  1. Water helps to burn calories
  2. Water helps if you feel hungry.
  3. Water helps to stay fit at exercise
  4. Water helps to burn calories
  5. Water helps to burn fat
  6. Water helps to remove waste from the body

Do you like to be slender, fit & healthy? Here you find tips on how to Weight Loss Fast & Healthy. Change your lifestyle with Intermittent Fasting for Life.

 Provide your body with sufficient water, protect the functions of the organs, and keep them fit. With the help of water, cardiovascular function is regulated, and the metabolism can function optimally. Water not only transports nutrients into the cells but also wastes products out of the body. This makes it all the more important to ensure adequate hydration every day. I mean water, not coffee, lemonades, non-alcoholic drinks, wine, or beer.

  • Start the day with a glass of warm water and make it a habit to drink a glass of water every hour.
  • Drink a glass of water before every meal (about 30 minutes before).
  • If you think you’re hungry? Drink a glass of water. It’s difficult to distinguish hunger from thirst.
  •  Consume water never during meals.
  • Drink a glass of warm water before going to bed.


Weight Loss Tip NR 3.

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  • Drink Matcha Tea

The Benefits of Matcha Tea Powder

One of the best properties of matcha is its unique health benefits. From protecting the liver to weight loss. According to various studies, Matcha Tea powder is one of the most healthful nutritional supplements.

Here are the 10 most health benefits of Matcha Tea powder.

  1. Increased fat oxidation and helped to lower body fat and BMI
  2. It May help protect the liver.
  3. Lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  4. It may have anti-cancer benefits.
  5. Excellent for oral and dental health.
  6. Contains Antioxidants that inhibit the aging process.
  7. It helps to relax and lift your mood.
  8. You are more focused, which helps you with learning, and improves your memory.
  9. Increase your concentration and reduce reaction time.
  10. It Helps relieves Arthritis.

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I love to drink Matcha Tea myself. It is a special ritual for me. After getting up, I take my special Matcha teacup, boil my water and make my tea. Sipping my tea with this special cup brings me in peace and harmonie. For me, these are special moments. But find it out yourself, create your special moments with Matcha Tea.

Order your Matcha Tea and your special Matcha Tea Kit now, especially when you just started with your diet it is such a blessing to know your body is in good condition and you don’t have to deal with graving during your fasting time.

Weight Loss Tip NR 4. Eat Slowly

Do you remember?Alt = Weight Loss

Do you remember what mama told you when you were young? Don’t speak while eating, and eat slowly and consciously. Guess what, mom was right. Various studies have shown that eating slow tends to lead to less obesity. The body should need about 20 minutes for appetite-stimulating and appetite-inhibiting messenger substances to regulate themselves. If you eat too quickly, there is a risk of eating past saturation point.

The formation of saliva plays a huge role in the digestive processing of food. If you eat too quickly, not chew well, nutrients do not digest as they should be. Wisch can lead to stomach pain, bloating, and obesity.

Weight Loss Tip NR 5 Exercise.

ALt= Weight Loss


If you have a good sports program, great, if you don’t like sports try to move a little, it doesn’t have to be a marathon, a walk after dinner, walk the stairs to the office instead of using the elevator will be a great way. All you need is about 15 to 20 minutes a day to help you to lose weight faster. Go swimming. It is gentle for your knees and hips. Spinning is also effective for weight loss. Find out what fits you and do something good for yourself.


Weight Loss Tip NR 6. Sleep

Especially if you are on a diet be ensure you’ll get adequate sleep. Take a nice shower or bath and go to bed a little earlier, read a book, listen to relaxing music or meditation, along with a cup of hot, soothing tea.

Scientists found out, People who are on a diet will lose the same amount of weight whether they sleep an average of 8.5 hours or 5.5 hours each night. However, those who sleep 8.5 hours will lose much more fat, while those on 5.5 hours lose mainly muscle. Lack of sleep

People who sleep 8.5 hours a night made up over 50% of their weight loss from fat.

While people who slept 5.5 hours, lost approximately 25% of their weight loss from fat

People who slept 8.5 hours a night lost 55% more fat than those who slept 5.5 hours a night.

Weight Loss Tip NR 7. Don’t consume Sugar

In 1962, 46 % of adults in the United States were considered overweight or obese. In 2010 this number rose to an alarming 75 %. According to the US government, the average American consumes about 20 cubes of sugar a day. As recommended by the American Heart Association, women should eat a maximum of 6 cubes of sugar per day. Men should not consume more than nine cubes of sugar a day.

 Where did this massive increase came from? Most of the time, we don’t eat it, but we consume it with sugary drinks. For example,

one glass of Cola (1 ounce) has nine cubes of sugar.  The so-called healthy fruit smoothie (1-ounce) has 7.5 cubes of sugar.

These are weight gain booster!

How can we avoid too much sugarAlt= Weight Loss

  • Eat fruits instead of candy and cookies.
  • Avoid sodas, smoothies, and other sugary drinks.
  • Take a little more time shopping and read the ingredient labels. Sugar is often hiding in places you wouldn’t expect, like sandwich bread, baked beans, and spaghetti sauce.
  • Added sugar has many other terms. You can find it under the following names, dextrose, fructose, glucose, corn sweetener, corn syrup, lactose, maltose, molasses, raw sugar, and sucrose.

The risk of high sugar consuption contributes significantly to weight gain. Being overweight increases the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes. All of these factors can cause obesity and heart disease.

Alt = Weight Loss

Weight Loss Tip NR 8. Drink less Alcohol

Alcohol and Weight gain
If you want to lose weight quickly, you should avoid alcohol. Not only is alcohol high in calories, but it also inhibits fat loss. Alcoholic beverages are mostly made from natural starch and sugar.
Fermentation converts sugar into alcohol. Sugar alcohols contain fewer calories than regular sugar. On average, alcohol provides about two calories per gram, compared to the four calories per gram which sugar produces (1, 2).
When dieting, it is best to avoid both alcohol and sugar.
Consumption of alcohol usually leads to food cravings, which confirms the risk of eating too much and too fatty.


Alt= Weight Loss no Alcohol


  • Beer       1 can,         356 g, 154 calories
  • Wine      1 serving,  5 fl oz, 123 calories
  • Rum       1 serving,   1 fl oz, 64 calories                        
  • Whisky 1 serving,   1 fl oz, 70  calories
  • Liquor  1 serving,  1 fl oz, 82 calories
  • Vodka   1 serving,   1 fl oz, 64 calories

Weight Loss Tip NR 9. Mindset

All the tips I’ll outline above will only help with the right mindset. You want to change yourself, you want to lose weight, great, but stick with it, don’t let go. Set your goal, and don’t let anything or anyone dissuades you from it. 

You can achieve real miracles write down your goals. Write it on a mirror where you comb your hair every morning. Write it on a piece of paper and put it on the refrigerator.

 Place it on the snack cupboard. 

You can hang up a picture from a celebrity who looks somewhat similar to you and hang your picture next to it. As a reminder, and place it all over your house.

Say these magic words in front of your reflection in the mirror every morning, noon, and evening. You don’t have to say them all. Choose your favorite ones, and memorize them.


  • I like myself and my body.
  • I’ll stay strong today.
  •  I’m sticking to my diet, not because I’ll to but because I want to.
  • I let go of everything that’s not good for me.
  •   I have the strength to determine my fate.
  • I am full of energy.
  •  I’ll lose weight, and I am getting closer to my goal every day.
  • I manage to keep my weight off.
  • I allow myself to have my personal desired weight.
  • My life is good, very good.



If you want to lose weight, prepare yourself well, take it seriously, look around, maybe your partner, friend, colleague, or sports buddy will join you on your diet adventure. Together you are strong. Set a date in your calendar when you will start your diet. Buy everything for one week. Then you don’t have to go to the supermarket in between. Mondays are perfect to start with a diet.
If you are at a party, don’t self-pity yourself, instead shine like a star. You are strong enough to withstand all these goodies.
But when it happens that you eat some of the fatty food. Don’t punish yourself. Start the next day with your diet. Don’t let your goal out of sight, and look forward to every little success.
When the (Diet) mind is not on the right spot, you do not make it with your diet.
Mindset is the key to success. Now is your time. Go for it. You can do it. I wish you great success.
If you ever have a question, please reach out to me and write me a PM. I am always here to help you out. Nothing is impossible.

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Love the Life you Live in

Monique Richie

8 thoughts on “Weight Loss Tips, Fast & Healthy”

  1. Losing weight is really not easy because most people are lazy to do the right thing. The idea of losing weight will require a change of many things and for me I really want to watch what you eat and that will be really good. I love all these tops you’ve given and I’ll love to share with other people. 

    • Hello Justin, thank you so much for your kind answer. I have now reached a level that I eat within 4 hours, from 12.00 until 16.00 hour, which means, my body has 20 hours to digest my food and there is still enough time left to get into an Autophagy phase, if you are interested please take a look at mine post How to Intermittent Fasting and Weight loss, where I describe Autophagy more detailed. I wish you success and thank you very much for the share.

  2. I have gone through all the tips that you have written here and I think it is very hard to find one if the tips you gave that will not work for sure. I thi k the most important of them is exercising and eating slowly. I didn’t know that taking enough water could also help too. I’m happy to learn this. Thank you very much!

    • Thanks, Suz Yes water is a great tool for losing fat, and to hold on to a diet, here I give you  6 positive effects what water does for your body. 

      Water helps to burn calories

      Water helps if you feel hungry.

      Water helps to stay fit at exercise

      Water helps to burn calories

      Water helps to burn fat

      Water helps to remove waste from the body

  3. Dear Monique Richie,

    Thanks for sharing. I have lost 21kg from 110kg to 89kg over a 2 year period. So I do believe in intermittent fasting. I swear that it really does work.

    Initially, I started by squeezing 3 meals into 6 hrs and go on an empty stomach for 18 hrs. Then, when I adapted, I switched to 2 meals into 4 hrs, 20 hrs on empty stomach. Later on, I cut down to 1 solid meal or 2 lighter meals within 2 hrs and 22 on an empty stomach.  

    I go almost sugarless, very minimum carbohydrate, with no alcohol, and my intake for each meal includes at least 300 grams of leafy greens, broccoli, etc. My protein intake is about 200g. I don’t take too much lean meat as I will get hungry faster. 

    I have not reached my target weight yet. Currently taking a break from this routine, I may start another round when I feel I am ready.

    Take care.

    • Wow, respect Rick. This is a great accomplishment, congratulations, you can really be proud of yourself,

      Rick, do you like to write your story on my blog? Your story is so important to so many other people with weight problems. I think you can give hope to many people. There are so many people out there who need a success story like this. I would like to invite you, It would be a privilege to write a whole Article about your way to success.

      Please contact me, I would be very happy. Greetings Monique. My E.mail address is, succes@slenderfitandhealthy.com

  4. This is very insightful here. I was planning to get into keto diet since the pandemic has affected me and I have gained excessive weight. So, getting this much information here is very helpful. You know, being able to understand what you are getting yourself into before actually getting into it. Surely a good one here. Thanks


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