Best weight loss program for women over 40

Best Weight Loss Program for women over 40.

According to statistics, around 66% of all women aged 40 to 59 in the USA are overweight, more than half of them are obese. This doesn’t have to be. I will show you the best weight loss program for women over 40.  Every woman can lose weight healthily and quickly, it is not a miracle, it is not difficult, it is just a new lifestyle.

How I found my way back to my real self

I’ll turn 60 this year, and feel better and leaner than when I was 34.

I come from a family in which all women over 40 gain a few pounds every year. I was always very athletic and disciplined so I could stop this process to a certain extent, but by the age of 50 I started to gain weight too, especially on my hips and stomach, my upper arms got bigger and bigger and I was so scared of not being able to stop this process of gaining weight, and ending up to be an old woman in 5 years, which doesn’t fit into my lifestyle at all.

Then I found Intermittently fasting.

I’ve studied Books, followed a lot of lectures, I came to the conclusion, this is it, I can do this, this was mine. I had finely found my way back to my real self again.

You don’t have to count calories, you can eat good and healthy food, and you feel slender fit & healthy, that was what I wanted, no more and no less.

Would you like to change your lifestyle, feel slimmer, improve your blood values, sleep better, be more balanced and full of energy, then come with me on a wonderful journey that will change your life too?


Why We Gain Weight After 40

This question is very easy to answer, Hormones,

After menopause, women lose more muscle tissue and suffer from hormonal disorders, mood swings, are irritable, depression, and last but not least, hot flashes make us sleep poorly, which makes us even more confused.

But hold on, there is a way to prevent these symptoms, with the combination of intermittent fasting, see video, minute 4:40,(healthy weight loss) and sport (against mood swings and hot flashes) we can reduce the symptoms. We have the opportunity to lose weight and are able to go through our menopause without major mood swings or depression. It is just not true that women over 50 become obsessively fat. Other women and I have proven that you can be slender, fit, and healthy after your 50th birthday.

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Alt = Weight Loss The biggest problem for weight gain is, we eat more than the body can use. We live in a world of abundance, everything is available anytime and anywhere. 24/7 shops, double door fridges full of goodies, fast food restaurants.

To resist all of these “goodies” ( which are not goodies at all) is very difficult. Most of us grew up with myths like three meals a day, and lots of small snacks in between, fruits three times a day.

In between, we hardly drink anything ells than Coca-Cola & Co. To process this food and sugar drinks, you have to be a top athlete or chop wood in the forest the whole day, but what are we doing?

Most of us sit the whole day, in the car, in our working place, no sports, everything is convenient, but unfortunately not healthy.

When I was a kid in the 1960s, we only ate three times a day. Most people started at 7 am with breakfast, lunch at 12 pm, and dinner at 5 pm.

We drank lots of water during the day, a cup of tea in the evening. In those days we all did intermittent fasting. We hadn’t eaten anything between 5 PM and 7 AM We had our 14 hours of fasting each day.

In the 1970s, it was fashionable to have a snack between meals and in the evening while watching TV. It was the massive advertising of snacks and sugary drinks like Coca-Cola that got people used to this bad habit.

With this constant eating from 1970 onward, obesity became a problem. Health problems like diabetes II and cardiovascular diseases and Alzheimer’s disease went straight up.

What actually happens if we eat all day?When we eat all day, it puts a lot of strain on our digestive system and pancreas. When these organs are overloaded, we can no longer digest the foods which follow, this can lead to indigestion and weight gain. With an overload on food, mostly carbohydrates, we take the energy from sugar.

You can recognize sugar burning from feeling hungry, and cravings most of the day. You get tired, lack of concentration, lethargic, and irritable. The result of eating the whole day is a consistently high level of insulin and of course weight gain.

What can we do against this?

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Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting extends the time between meals, typically the hours between dinner and the next day’s meal. The most popular and doable option is to skip breakfast and take your first meal at lunch.
When we’re fasting for long periods of time, I recommend the 16/8 method, which almost anyone who is healthy can use, without having hunger or loss of performance. Because of the long pau

ses between meals, 16 hours fasting, mostly while sleeping, we can keep our insulin levels low. The body does not eat for 16 hours, it activates (autophagy) its own cell cleansing and the growth hormone HGH.(1) (2)

The HGH stimulates the performance of our brain and strengthens the bones. It also has a life-extending and rejuvenating effect on our entire organism, which only works when the insulin level is low. Exercise actually intensifies it, so it is extremely important that we exercise regularly to support these processes. Intermittent Fasting is the most popular way to successfully burn fat.

By Autophagy the waste in the cells is metabolized and therefore the cells gain new energy.

People who practice intermittent fasting are leaner, fitter, sleep better, and age more slowly (3)

Intermittent fasting boosts fat burning, especially dangerous belly fat.

Insulin levels drop and blood levels improve very quickly. This can prevent diseases such as diabetes II or cardiovascular diseases and Alzheimer’s disease.

Intermittent Fasting isn’t hard to do.

For example, if we stop eating at 6 PM and don’t eat anything until 8 AM, we already have our 14 hours fast time, remember, your fast time is mostly at nighttime in other words we become slender while sleeping. In the beginning, you start with the 14 hours of fasting, it takes about a week until you are used to this easy to follow fasting schedule, after a week you can slowly increase the fast time up to 16 hours.

After your fast time at 8 AM or better until noon you can have your normal nutrition, which should be healthy and balanced nutrition of course. This Fasting rhythm can be very well integrated into everyday life.

Which type of Intermittent fasting is the right one for you?

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The phrase, we are all the same is simply not true, everybody is different, which makes this world so unique, this also applies to our eating habits are not the same. That’s why changing your diet completely from one day to another is extremely risky. The risk that you desperately give up is very high. You probably not gonna stick with this.

Why? Because it is too far away from your lifestyle. So please be honest with yourself. the best thing you can do is, write a nutrition diary, for about a week, after this, you can look at what type you really are. Then you can choose and combine intermittent fasting with one of the most popular diets? Diets who helped millions of people lose weight, I have chosen three diets for you.  Thank God, nobody is the same, everyone has a different taste, some like to eat meat, others love vegetables, some prefer to eat a proper meal, others love to snack. Therefore, take a look at which Intermittent Fasting Combination suits you best.

Do you like meat and don’t want to miss this? You can try

Intermittent Fasting & Keto.

Do you like Carbs, Fruits, Vegetables, and sometimes meat, try

Intermittent Fasting & Carb Cycling.

Are you ready to live a healthy life with your ideal weight? then do the

 Intermittent Fasting & Fit for Life.


If you are not sure wich one you like I have written all the pro’s and con’s of the Intermittent Fasting Combination Diets. Click on the link below

the 3 intermittent fasting -combination diets


It’s a real tragedy to see all those women from the age of 50 who are no longer feel comfortable in their own bodies and not knowing how to find a way out of this misery.

I hope with this article I could show you how you find your way back to yourself.

I’ve been there myself, I was devastated to not having control of my body anymore.

It is priceless and a real luxury when you can enjoy your life, knowing everything is good, I am Slender, Fit & Healthy.

I can do anything I like because I have the body & the fitness for all the fun that’s coming my way.

I found my way back to myself, Hope you find your way soon

Love the Life you Live in

.Alt= Weight Loss. Monique Richie


Monique Richie.

Photo by Pexels and Pixabay.


2 thoughts on “Best weight loss program for women over 40”

  1. Yes, Monique, I confirm every word you are saying! It is so true, and thank you very much for this great article. I have done intermittent fasting my whole life without knowing it. Because I was not particularly eager to eat breakfast in the morning. My first meal has been lunch or sometimes dinner. I felt energetic and amazing. And I moved a lot, walking, Pilates, Yoga, power-walking. Because of stress in my work as a nurse, I suffered burnout and developed an autoimmune disease. Doctors couldn’t help me, and I started my own health journey. I changed my lifestyle completely, followed a keto diet, in the beginning, then the Paleo diet, lots of vegetables and fruits, seeds, healthy fats, bone broth. And I healed! Now I am working again. I confirm every word in this great article.

    • Wow, thank you so much, Sylvia, and congratulations on your health status. Thank God science and open-minded doctors are going the right way now, there are so many movements going on about this topic, and Intermittent Fasting is winning the old battle of the expensive Medicine- medication fight, you can cure almost everything through healthy food and lifestyle, we’re starting a new era where diseases like diabetes 2, heart disease, and even many types of cancer will simply no longer occur.


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