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 I, Monique, turns 60 in July & I feel better than I was 35.

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 Monique found Intermittent Fasting after a decade of research. I lost weight, gained energy, and I am feeling fit and happy.

 Can you imagine how rich and happy you can be, never worry again that you cannot keep your weight? Never desperate again because you do not lose weight. How did you feel after last Christmas when the 3 kilos were back to where it was after a three Month strict diet? I like to be honest. Sometimes I hated my own body. I have such slow digestion that I almost feel like being a solar collector. 

I can probably live on sunshine and water alone, Just from looking at a cookie, the kilos jumping back on my hips. Jokes aside, Now I’m in heaven, and I want you to come to your heaven on earth too. I will show you different ways of losing weight quickly and permanently with intermittent fasting until you have reached your ideal weight.


Is it possible to live your life without weight problems?Alt= Monique# woman looking at her weight on a scale

I It would be great, right? Are you also tired of constantly knowing what you will see as you step on the scale in the mornings? Are you tired of starting a new diet? Only to gain more weight, then, my dear friend, Intermittent Fasting is what you’ve been searching for.

Hello and welcome to your life.

It wasn’t by chance that you found my page. To be on my page means, that you’re done with your former life. You like to make a change, a decision to turn your life around. Taking action means you are a seeker for a better, healthier, and more fulfilled life. Free from Health or Weight problems. Thinking this sounds too good to be true? With Intermittent Fasting, you can have such a life.

A Litlle Story About Myself

I am Monique and imagine I had probably the same problems as you are facing now. My diet history started at the age of twelve. Yes, you read it correctly. I was a shy young girl, not feeling well in my own body. I wasn’t fat but wasn’t slender either. At the age of thirteen, I had severe hip and back problems.
Doctors tried several therapies with me. They put me in a flexible corset with metal rods for one yea. After that, they liked to put me in a plaster corset, so I could not move my back at all. If all of this was not working, I had to have back surgery. Instead of prescribing an exercise program like swimming or yoga, which would allow me to build muscle and become flexible, they locked me in a stiff corset. I couldn’t move, twist, or use any of my back muscles.

This Therapie was wrong and dangerous, but unfortunately, the usual praxis in those days.
I knew this was not good therapy. I felt when I let this happened. I’m ending up in a wheelchair. I needed to do something fast.
I had to start with a sports program. I took swimming classes. Bodybuilding became famous at the age of Fifteen, and I trained together with my sports buddy Lina in a Body Building Studio, Your Physic, where only those massive men worked out. Women or Girls were rare these days. At the age of 20, Jane Fonda was my sports guru. Jane Fonda’s workout book showed me how to do aerobic, which I practice for years. It was through Jane Fonda that I became sensitive to healthy nutrition. I even became a Sports Model, and finely I found Yoga which I still do for about 30 years now. Besides running, of course.
I also had to go on a diet to get the weight off from my back and hips. From then, I cannot recall one year of not living with a diet. I spent months searching for what would work best for me. I tried everything. After a few months, I stopped most of those unhealthy diets, and gaining weight faster than before. I felt awful after the unbalanced diets, feeling so unhappy. My self-confidence and self-esteem were gone, but the weight rose. Then I found Intermittent Fasting and my whole life changed into a life I had never dreamed of.


Alt= Monique, two women having a nutrian-dense snack

Why I want to help people

For me, it is a duty to write down my experiences suffering from endless diets, from hip and back problems most of my life, and how I managed to live a slender and pain-free life. I like to show you how I found my way back to myself. It is such a great feeling to be serene with yourself, not wasting time thinking about dieting or health problems. I will show you an easy way how you can become a Slender, Fit, and Healthy person in no time.

I will exactly describe what intermittent fasting is and how to do the best. I’m going to introduce different combinations that you can choose according to your own nutritional needs.

I am showing you Intermittent Fasting Combination Methods that can help you losing weight fast. This is good for a short weight loss booster. 

For a lifetime Intermitting Fasting Lifestyle, I’ll show you other Methods where you lose weight until you have reached your dream weight. This new lifestyle will make you healthier and keep your weight stable for the rest of your life.

These Methods are the perfect way to change your diet into a lifelong lifestyle.

I found a way how to lose weight without much effort. 

Come with me, and you gonna lose weight until you have your dream weight. It doesn’t matter how long it will take for some of you, but I will be there, we can make it together. I can help you, and I love to help you.

Love the life you live in.

Monique Richie

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Founder of How to Intermittent Fasting & weight loss.


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  1. Wow, Monique!! Your website is truly amazing. This is just the site for me. So happy our paths have crossed 🙂
    You have a lot of interesting articles, and I will read them all.

    I really like the article about Ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting. I know that a ketogenic diet is the right for me, because I`ve followed this diet before, and I have never felt better. Now I need to get back into it again, and I think this is something you can help me with 🙂
    I am always looking for new information in this area, and I look forward to learn more from you.

    I will for sure subscribe to your website.
    Take care and have a wonderful day.



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