7 Weight Loss tips to get your dream weight.

 I Like to show you seven healthy weight loss tips to finely get your dream weight. You’ll gonna have the right motivation to change your diet into a slender, fit, and Healthy Lifestyle and you gonna lose stubborn belly fat and your excess weight. So please don’t waste any more time, this is your year. Let’s face the truth and get started. 2021 is perfect for losing weight, healthy- eating, and it is great for exercising Face & Body. Let us look forward to the summer in a new slender, fit, and healthy body.


Weight Loss Tips, Start now, shine later!


With these Weight Loss Tips you can do it too!

Most people who like to change their lifestyle fail at the beginning because they want too much in too little time. They have been eating lots of fatty, sugar-loaded food for a long time, sometimes even for decades, and want to lose weight and belly fat to be gone by next week. We all know this, we’ve seen it so many times, by our friends, by ourselves, and it doesn’t work, but the strange thing is, we do it over and over again.

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Weight Loss Tip NR 1, Take it easy,

alt= Weight Loss Tips, take it easy

give yourself a decent amount of time.

A new habit, diet, skill needs about 21 days until it has reached you inside before that, it has not become a part of your new lifestyle if you deviate just a tiny little from it in those three weeks, it won’t take long for you to resume your old habit. The best way to avoid this mistake is.

Give yourself a minimum of 3 weeks,

You need between 21 and 28 days to get used to your new healthy lifestyle.

Start a diary where you can write everything down, the good days but also the bad days. The successes, the mistakes. What are your main weaknesses? Too much sugar, too much fat, too much meat, too much junk food? Write down and be aware that these are the things that can tempt you when you have a weak day.

It’s good for the long run you can see how you felt yourself one week ago, how was your state of mind, did you have some symptoms, being nervous, bad mood. Hungry?

If you know your weakness, which food you eat, which food causes you weight gain, which food causes you gravings, then you become more conscious, you can decide to eat the right food, and you will stay away from the bad foods for the next 3 weeks.

28 days can radically change your life:

Now you decided you like to change your lifestyle, you are ready for the change, this is your own decision, you’ll don’t gonna make the self-pity statements anymore.

The words, I’m not allowed to eat that, are gone forever, because you now say, I can, but I don’t want to.

This is a massive difference for your inner being, you can have it, but you just don’t want it. This makes you stronger, this simple trick can keep you out of craving, and from people who want to manipulate you something to eat, (cakes, fast food, sweets), food that doesn’t fit into your life right now.

After you have managed this you’ll see how proud you are of yourself, you’re no longer a victim, you’re on the highway to success.

alt= Weight Loss Tips, I am ready

Be careful on the third day, this is a day in which your Ego likes a lot of attention.

Usually, the first day is fine, you are excited and ready to go, the second day is still the same, but you have maybe some kind of being hungry, the third day is the riskier one, you like to see changes but the result is not their jet. This day is gonna be a hard one, but now that you know this, you can be prepared, it’s only 24 hours, you will see, after the third day, it’s gonna be a bit easier. So stick with your goals.


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Weight Loss Tip NR 2, Eat the right food,

Alt= Weight Loss Tips, Family


Healthy eating has nothing to do with boring or tasteless food.

If you like to lose weight, being fit and healthy again, change your diet, from sugar-loaded to fresh, from fatty to lean, from soda to water, so simple is this.

You don’t need to have a doctor’s degree to understand when you’re eating fast food for 3 weeks, your health, blood pressure, and your waistline are out of control. The opposite of this bad habit is fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, lean meat, fatty fish with lots of omega 3 in it.

In the beginning, when you like to lose weight fast be careful with Gluten, try to eat low carbs. Eat something new, instead of the “good old pasta”, start eating Amarand or Quinoa, it is gluten-free and is rich in fiber, antioxidants, minerals, and all the 9 essential amino acids. it improves your blood sugar and lowers your cholesterol level.

Amaranth and Quinoa are delicious with chicken, mushrooms, or salmon, and you will have a great lunch or dinner, the taste is great, it is healthy filling, and low in calories. Take a look at my Pinterest page for delicious recipes.

Be careful with smoothies,

especially the ones you buy from the store, most of them are loaded with sugar.

When you like to have a smoothie, make it yourself, it only takes seconds to make your own smoothie, you can take it with you to work, you’re in control, you know exactly what’s in there. Chew it like you eat normal vegetables, otherwise, you will eat too much.

Eat normal vegetables, steamed or cooked, with a bid extra virgin olive oil on top of it.

If you like to lose weight, being slender fit, and healthy again, change your diet, from sugar-loaded to fresh, from fatty to lean, from soda to water, so simple is this. Make a list and write all the things which you eat and what you think is not healthy for you. You’ll know!


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Weight Loss Tip NR 3, Intermittent Fasting,

Alt=Weight Loss Tips, stop giving up


It is not only important what you eat when you eat is also very important.

Eating 8 hours a day and fast for 16 hours is the best and easiest way to get a healthy lean body. You can have your three meals a day and you fast for 16 hours, most of the fasting time is in the evening and at night while sleeping. All you have to do is to follow this simple 16/8 rule.

When you have never fast before you can do easy fasting first.

I’ll show you how to get used to Intermittent fasting, with this 3-week Intermittent Fasting beginner plan, you can very easily come to your new lifestyle.

It is a lifestyle where you become healthy and lose weight until you reach your dream weight. You will become more conscious about what to eat and drink in these 8 hours, these hours are special, you don’t like to poison your body anymore with junk food or soft drinks.

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3 Week Intermittent Fasting Plan.


The best day to start is on Monday.

  • WEEK 1

Alt=Weight Loss Tips, Healthy Breakfast

12 hours of eating, 12 hours of fasting.

When you start your breakfast at 8 AM you can eat until 8 PM.

You have three meals, try to choose healthy nutrition.

For breakfast choose something light, greek yogurt with berries. At lunch a salad, and for dinner some lean meat with vegetables.

Look at my Pinterest page for healthy recipes.

During the day and during your fasting time, drink tea or coffee without sugar, lots of water, warm or cold.

After 5 days, on Saturday, you start with your week 2, you change your breakfast time, you start 2 hours later.



  • WEEK 2

The best way, to minimize your eating time is, plan a cozy weekend, sleep or stay in bed longer, do something you like. Reading a book, take a warm bath, do something good for yourself.

14 hours of fasting, 10 hours of eating

Start with a light breakfast at 10 AM. You can have your lunch at noon, and dinner before 8 PM.

You do this the next 7 days until the next Saturday, then you change your breakfast time again.

Don’t worry, you are already used to start eating a bit later, 2 hours more fasting is not a big deal for you anymore.

Again take it easy this Saturday morning, relax, do some light sport, like Yoga, or when you are full of energy, take a walk in the fresh air.



  • WEEK 3

Now you start eating at noon, you can eat your three meals until 8 PM.

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 16 hours of fasting, and 8 hours of eating.

Respect you’ve done it!

Start eating at noon. You can eat until 8 PM. 

Eat normally, and healthy, you have plenty of time for your 3 meals, so no need to fill up yourself.

This 16/8 Intermittent Fasting you can do all your life.

You can change the time of course, if you like to breakfast at 10 AM, fine, but then you have to stop eating at 6. Look what fits you the most.

Don’t Schnack during your fasting time!

See it as your new lifestyle, not as a diet!

To accept this makes a huge difference, you don’t have to start a new diet anymore.

You’ll see how easy you can integrate Intermittent Fasting into your new lifestyle.

Our goal is the 16/8 fasting method, when you start doing this you gonna see the change so quickly. You are gonna lose weight without even knowing it, you become healthier and you will reach your ideal weight automatically.

If you like to know more about Intermittent Fasting click on the link Intermittent Fasting

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Weight Loss Tip NR 4, Chewing,

Alt= Weight Loss Tips, Chewing-Properly


If you chew your food properly, your body can digest it much better.

People who take their time and chew their food well tend to eat less. The brain receives the message that you are full. If you don’t chew your meals properly, and you are eating too quickly, your brain will send the “I’m full” signal too late, and you will likely eat too much which leads to weight gain.

When foods are thoroughly chewed, they release saliva, which contains digestive enzymes. When you release these enzymes in your throat and stomach, it helps improve the digestive process.

Saliva contains certain enzymes that help break down food. Lingual lipase is one of the enzymes produced by the salivary glands under the tongue that help break down fats. If fat is not properly broken down and left unprocessed, indigestion can result.

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Weight Loss Tip NR 5, Stay Hydrated,

Alt# Weight Loss Tips Water.

Drink enough water. Water is the elixir of life, without water, there is no life. Our planet earth is maybe one of the very few planets in this universe that has this luxury.

During the day the body consumes water through bodily functions such as exhaling or sweating. An average person loses around eight-ounce of water, which equals about 2 liters of fluid. Especially when we are on a diet, we need to make sure we are drinking enough water beforehand.

Only those who provide their body with sufficient water protect the essential functions of the organs and keep them fit. With the help of water, cardiovascular function is regulated and the metabolism can function optimally.

Water not only transports essential nutrients into the cells but also wastes products out of the body. This makes it all the more important to ensure adequate hydration every day.

Pure water, coffee, or herb tea without sugar and milk. 

  • Start the day with a glass of warm water and make it a habit to drink a glass of water every hour.
  • Drink a glass of water before every meal (about 30 minutes before).
  • If you think you’re hungry you should first drink a glass of water, sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish hunger from thirst.
  • Water should never be consumed during meals.
  • Drink a glass of warm water before going to bed.

Weight Loss Tip NR 6, Exercise,

Alt=Weight Loss Tips Sports

Let’s talk about sport!

I know for some of you this is not popular, but trust me, you have to move your muscles, use it or lose i. . If you like to be slender, fit and healthy you have to do some exercises. There are so many sports you can choose from, I will give you some examples of sports that anybody can do, so pick the one you like the most. It only takes you 5 to 10 minutes a day to get in shape,  MOVE!

  • Swimming is a great way for a gentle way of moving your body. But you have to swim, hanging at the edge of the pool has nothing to do with exercise, so swim get your body moving, because of the water temperature you gonna lose more weight, so every minute longer is a success for weight loss.
  • Walking, a perfect way to do both, get some fresh air and exercise. When you use the sticks you also do something good for your upper body, so happy walking.
  • Yoga, the perfect way to use your body in a gentle almost meditative way, great for all people who have trouble stiffness or back pain. I have my back cured with Yoga, this is a part of my life I don’t wanna miss.
  • EMOM, this is really a fabulous sport in which you can do a full-body workout in 5 minutes. I love EMOM, when I am not able to run, because of the weather, or don’t have the time, I do my EMOM, it is fast, it is easy, but it is so effective.
  • Tabata, this is also a great sport for a fast result, it also takes only 5 minutes a day, to get your body in shape, there are a lot of beginner videos on Youtube, so take a look.

As you can see, there are no excuses anymore, there is a sport for anybody, so let get moving.


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Weight Loss Tip NR 7, Be honest with yourself,

Alt=Weight Loss Tips

I know this is a topic which nobody likes to hear, but it has to be said, be honest with yourself and stop telling fairy tales to other people. You know exactly which nutrition is healthy and which is not.

You know how much you eat on a day, Stop telling people you don’t know why you gain weight, you know, and most of the time the people you are telling this know this too, your family, friends, colleague, they all know you and they also know your habits.

I know for some of you this is shocking news but these people know what and when you eat. They probably don’t say anything because they don’t wanna hurt your feelings, but it doesn’t help you. If you like to lose weight, being fit and healthy again you have to stop hiding behind excuses and face the truth.

I am here to help you with this. If you have a problem, please give me a sign, write to me. Together we can solve it out.

The most comment lies.

  • I am so fat because of my birth control pills, stop taking them, get something else, when a birth control pill makes you fat, means it isn’t the right medicine, and it can be very bad for your health and hormone balance.
  • I have (1,2,3,4) children, please don’t blame your children, it’s only you who eat the whole day unhealthy food. Most of the time those children are older than 5 years. You’ve got a long time for losing the excess weight.
  • I have bad genes, there are just a view people who have the wrong genes, most of you only have a bad diet, change your diet, and you will see what good genes you have.
  • I’ve tried everything, I am sure you tried everything but, for how long?  The only way to lose weight is you have to change your old eating habits.

It is like the old joke, where the man says, Stop smoking is very easy, I’ve done it 20 times already!

Stop betraying yourself,  be honest, and you’ll be free. Your families and friends gonna love you for this.


I hope I could motivate you to change your lifestyle into this new healthy lifestyle, you will see how quickly you can integrate this into your daily life.

You are only one step away from this, With this new lifestyle you gonna look awesome, you will feel free again.

Can you imagine how it feels not to be worried anymore about gaining weight, to be fit for all those great adventures you’ve always thought only other people can do this, no you can do this too!

When you are Slender Fit & Healthy a whole new world is ready for you. Go for it, don’t waste more time, you are unique, make it a unique life, there is so much to live.

Love the Life You Live in,

Alt= Weight Loss Tips

Monique Richie

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