7 Ways to Hack Cravings while Intermittent Fasting

People may find it easier to stick to the 16: 8 Intermittent Fasting. Following these tips can help you stay on track. Maximize the benefits of weight loss and get used to intermittent fasting. Especially in the beginning, we have to make sure we don’t step into the craving trap and fall for the snacks during the fasting period. I’ll show you how you can use these simple Seven ways to hack hunger while Intermittent Fasting.

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7 Ways to Hack Craving while Intermittent Fasting.

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Intermittent Fasting Tip NR 1. Mindset,

Alt= Intermittent Fasting, It's all about mind set!

Most people start a diet with excitement.

They are full of it, but it takes only a couple of days, and they just quit and feeling misery. That is a NO-GO because it ruins your self-confidence. Every time you give up, you feel a bit weaker, and that shouldn’t happen.

First of all, you are already a perfect being!

It is only a few extra pounds that are bothering you now.
Maybe you want to get your general health back into balance.

Quite a diet had nothing to do with failure or a weak character.

Most of the time had to do with the circumstances. Constant temptations are the main reason why people don’t stick to a diet or healthy lifestyle. You can get sweets, soft drinks, or snacks everywhere 24/7, on the street, at work, or even in the hospital.

Losing weight can be impossible if you are not prepared to resist these temptations.

So the first thing you have to do is Mindset.

Make it a happening, called the 28 Intermittent Fasting challenge.

Try to get some people who like to join you, Family, friends, colleges. Make a Facebook Group so you can help each other in these 28 days. If this has worked already, then you are prepared for the 28 days challenge. Why, because you have started something new, you are in charge here, and with this group, you don’t give up so quickly

Intermittent Fasting can become your new healthy lifestyle.

Tip NR 2. Stay hydrated,

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The biggest mistake most people make is they don’t drink enough. They become dehydrated and confuses hunger with thirst. You have to eat something fast, mostly fatty empty calories like fast food or sweets, and all you had to do was drinking a glass of water. 

Hunger and thirst are hard to distinguish from each other

Drink always a glass of water when you think you are hungry!

Start the day with a cold or warm glass of water with or without lemon, and drink plenty of water and calorie-free drinks such as herbal teas, mate tea, or bulletproof coffee throughout the day.

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Alt= Intermittent Fasting. Tea6 positive effects of Water.

  1. Water helps to burn lories
  2. Water helps if you feel hungry.
  3. Water helps to stay fit at exercise
  4. Water helps to burn calories
  5. Water helps to burn fat
  6. Water helps to remove waste from the body.
  • Start the day with a glass of warm water, make it a habit to drink a glass of water every hour.
  • Drink a glass of water before every meal (about 30 minutes before).
  • When you think you’re hungry, you should first drink a glass of water.
  • Never drink water during meals.
  • Drink a glass of warm water before going to bed.


 Tip NR 3. Don’t eat too much,

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Avoid obsession with food. The biggest mistake you can make is to eat too much too quickly. You don’t need to do this because you have plenty of time (8 hours) to eat your meals!

11 a.m. Start your day with fruits.

  • Fruits are very good for breaking the fasting. Fruits are light and they give you a quick energy boost.
  • Fruits are perfect because they digested quickly, your stomach can easily wake up.
  • Fruits are healthy and rich in water nutrition.
  • Fruits are great for breaking your fasting time. Fruits take only about a half-hour to digest.

At noon, you can start with your lunch, a nice salad with chicken. A warm soup in the wintertime with lots of healthy vegetables, or just a healthy veggie plate will make you satisfied, and you don’t need anything anymore until dinner.

At dinner, not later than 6.30 p.m., you can have what you like.  but if you want to lose weight quickly as possible, I recommend you’ll choose something light.Alt= Intermittent Fasting, healthy dinner

  • Chicken breast with a baked vegetable plate.
  • Baked Mushrooms with white Rice or
  • Hearty sweet potato- curry, with lentils, sweet potatoes, zucchini, and coconut milk.


In the beginning, you can take a little plastic case with some mixed nuts with you every day.

When you have a feeling of craving during two meals, you have healthy nuts to eat. These mixed nuts are rich in fibers, and it is a great energy booster.

You will see how quickly you’ll get used to these healthy snacks before you know you don’t like to have those fatty sugar-loaded unhealthy food anymore.

Nuts, Fruits, and veggies make you happier because this is a long-time filler. Sugary – fatty nutritions are empty filler. You are screaming for more of these unhealthy snacks in just a half-hour after eating!

Of course, during your fasting period, there are no excuses, No snacks, no nothing! 

You can distract yourself during the fasting hours.

Read a good book, film, or do some meditation.

Take a nice warm bath or shower.

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 Tip NR 4. Eat more consciously.

Alt=Intermittent Fasting, Chew-Properly

Various studies have shown, eating slow leads to less obesity.

The body should need about 20 minutes for appetite-stimulating and appetite-inhibiting messenger substances to regulate themselves. When you eat too quickly, there is a risk of eating past saturation point.

The formation of saliva plays a huge role in the digestive processing of food.

If you eat too quickly and do not chew well, nutrients don’t digest as well as they should be. Not chewing well can leads to stomach pain, bloating, and obesity.

In the beginning, you have to plan to eat consciously. After a while, it will become a habit to eat your food consciously.

Choose nutrient-rich foods that are high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats. You can choose from fresh vegetables, lentils, beans, fruits. Fatty fish, nuts, and avocado are full of healthy omega3 fatty acids.

Use only good oils and vinegar, such as Native Olive OilApple Vinegar, or Limes, lemons instead of vinegar.

Instead of the salt season with fresh herbs. Tarragon, rosemary, basil, oregano, parsley. Once you have tasted herbs, you will keep away your hands from Salt.

 Tip Nr 5. Brush your teeth.

Now, this is an easy but massive way to overcome your obsession with food.

There are times we can’t have enough, especially with holidays. We are in the mood for eating, all colors, the smells, and everything tasted good. And by the way, all the others are eating, especially the skinny ones.

When this happens, go to the bathroom and brush your teeth. Brushing with tooth creme will fix you from overeating.

Brushing your teeth is an I-am-done-sign. So be sure you’ll always have a little travel bag with you with all the tools for a quick teeth brush ritual. Ps; it helps against weight gain, and saves your teeth also against Caries.


 Tip NR 6. Exercise,Alt= Intermittent Fasting

Get on moving. When you exercise, you produce the happiness hormones dopamine and serotonin. When you are happy, you don’t need so many sweets anymore. Life is sweet enough.

We humans are not build to lay on the couch the whole day and eating chips and drinking Coca-Cola.

In the old days, most of us had exercises enough.

Only to clean the house and the laundry was enough exercise for one day. But those days are over. You can see it eighter way, good or bad.

We all Sid too much nowadays, machines doing the work for us and we’re sitting most of the whole day?

In our free time, we are used to eating and watch something on TV. This way of living is not the meaning of life, and it is not the right way of living. It is crucial for all of us that we make at least 10000 footsteps a day.

It is so easy to do, go for a walk in the fresh air at least once a day, in a park, preferably in the forest nature has a calming effect, and gives you time to switch off from the daily stress. If you don’t have a park close to where you live, try to make a trip to nature once a week, you will see you and your families will love these trips.

It is much more relaxing than staying on the couch at home doing nothing is boring.

Climbing stairs instead of using the elevator, OK if your office is on the 55th step out two floors earlier. Step out one bus stop earlier.

Do some one-minute training, start with Ten squats. You have one minute to do so, if you do the exercise slow you have less rest, if you do it fast you can rest more. Do this for only 10 minutes, and voila, you made your first 100 squats. Life can be easy! We have only complicated it too much.

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Tip NR 7. Sleep,

Alt= Intermittent Fasting-enough sleep

Especially if you are on a diet be ensure you’ll get adequate sleep. Take a nice shower or bath and go to bed a little earlier, read a book, listen to relaxing music or meditation, with a cup of hot, soothing tea.

Scientists found out, People who are on a diet will lose the same amount of weight whether they sleep an average of 8.5 hours or 5.5 hours each night. However, those who sleep 8.5 hours will lose much more fat, while those on 5.5 hours lose mainly muscle. Lack of sleep

Never eat anything after your 8 hours of eating period is very important because in the evening, about 3 hours before sleep, your body produces the sleeping hormone, Melatonin.

This Melatonin hormone interferes with our metabolism.

If we eat a late dinner or snack, the metabolized has switched over into the sleeping mode. We digest the food more slowly. We have to avoid this. Eating in the evening is not healthy, and it is not bad for a good night’s sleep.


You see, there are a lot of tricks you can use to stick around Intermittent Fasting for the first three weeks.

Usually, after these 28 days, your body and mind will be used to this new lifestyle. So please stick with it, you can’t imagine how wonderful life is when your body is just as slim and healthy as it naturally should be.

Go for it, your time is now, love the life you live in

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Monique Richie.


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