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Intermittent Fasting and Carb Cycling.

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With Intermittent – Carb Cycling, you can eat everything you used to. You lose weight fast, you do not have to count calories, and you no longer have to go without your favorite food. All you have to do is to change the amount of carbs intake on an almost daily basis. I like to … Read more

The 7 Health Benefits of Smiling.


Smiling is the most effective health booster you can get.  Feel full of energy, ready to conquer the whole world? Or do you like to pull up the blanket over your head and sleep a little longer?When the last one looks more like you, you are ready for smile therapy. There are seven health benefits … Read more

Health and weight loss Benefits of Matcha Tea Powder

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 Millions of people have discovered the tremendous health and weight loss benefits of Matcha tea. Matcha tea can reduce blood glucose and insulin levels, it also helps you to burn excess calories. I like to show why it is so important to drink your Matcha tea, during Intermittent Fasting. Matcha Tea is a delicious drink … Read more

How to increase metabolism for women over 40

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Most women over 40 gain around 5 pounds during and after menopause. I like to show you some easy ways to boost your metabolism, which makes you slender Fit, and Healthy again. As we age our metabolism slows down and we started to gain weight more quickly. The kids grew up and we slow down. During … Read more


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Intermittent Fasting 101 your ultimate beginner guide. Intermittent-Fasting is one of the world’s most popular health trends. Millions of people have started with Intermittent Fasting for weight loss. After a short period, they recognize the massive positive Health effects (1) and have integrated this into their lives.  Intermittent- Fasting is a life changer, which can … Read more

7 Ways to Hack Cravings while Intermittent Fasting

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People may find it easier to stick to the 16: 8 Intermittent Fasting. Following these tips can help you stay on track. Maximize the benefits of weight loss and get used to intermittent fasting. Especially in the beginning, we have to make sure we don’t step into the craving trap and fall for the snacks … Read more


Face Yoga

The Face Yoga Toning Bootcamp! I am a Face Yoga Fan, and I had to share this great news with you.  The 6-week blueprint created by the leading teacher, Fumiko Takatsu of the Face Yoga Method, walks you through how to change ANY area of the face. The 6-Week Face Toning Bootcamp makes it fun … Read more

7 Weight Loss tips to get your dream weight.

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Was losing weight one of your New Year resolutions? Unfortunately, most of us fail in less than a few weeks, and we fall back into our old eating habits. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. I Like to show you seven healthy weight loss tips to finely get your dream weight. You’ll gonna have the right … Read more

The Face Yoga Method

6 Weeks Bootcamp

The Face Yoga Method & Intermittent Fasting. A Winning Team. Face Yoga is extremely important to do, besides your body exercises. The earlier you start, the better your face will look, especially as you get older. In this article, I like to show you what The Face Yoga Method is, and what Face Yoga can … Read more

Intermittent Fasting Benefits and research. Part 1. Health

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Intermittent fasting has proven to be one of the healthiest and easiest ways to lose weight, and improve metabolic health beyond simply restricting calories. In this overview, we will take a closer look at what studies have shown about Intermittent Fasting, we concentrate more on the benefits and research and many advantages for health, healthy … Read more